We have designed Interlake's industry-leading 401(k) solution to maximize confidence in your company's retirement plan. Delivering pension-caliber investment discipline, Interlake's 401(k) program enjoys several important advantages over typical plans.

For Plan Participants

  • Low total expenses to keep more dollars working and compounding
  • A simplified investment selection of professionally managed portfolios to ensure the highest possible level of investment discipline for all participants
  • Portfolios of inexpensive index-based funds rather than expensive, underperforming alternatives
  • Attractive, user-friendly web resources for account monitoring and maintenance
  • Access to fiduciary advice from Interlake’s investment professionals

For Plan Sponsors

  • True delegation of fiduciary responsibility for plan investments
  • A high quality, low-cost retirement plan to attract and retain talented employees
  • Fully transparent pricing to facilitate compliance with ERISA, the Pension Protection Act of 2006, and 408(b)(2)
  • Straightforward web-based monitoring and maintenance tools
  • Ongoing analysis and guidance from a Registered Investment Advisor with an explicit fiduciary duty to sponsors and participants alike

Most 401(k) plans saddle participants with expensive, underperforming mutual funds, make total plan expenses almost impossible to understand, and leave participants to fend for themselves as their own money managers.

Interlake takes a very different approach by reducing plan expenses and delivering superb investment discipline through managed portfolios of index-based funds.

To learn more about the many benefits of Interlake’s 401(k) solution,
please e-mail us at info@interlakecapital.com or call 608.216.4548.


Delivering pension-caliber investment
discipline in a defined-contribution framework, Interlake's 401(k) program enjoys several
important advantages over typical plans.